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Times Accounting & Finance helps you create tailor-made comprehensive solutions for business strategy and outcome.

Times Accounting & Finance is uniquely positioned to provide local and international business with integrated solution-oriented services in finance in awareness of your business strategy and the reality and requirements of doing business in Timor-Leste.

Relying on a well-equipped team of experienced professionals, Times Accounting & Finance is prepared to equip your business with efficient and timely approaches to face the current and future needs of your business.

Timor-Leste Economy

Independent since 1999, Timor-Leste has lived in a climate of peace and sustained political stability since 2008, presenting consistently solid economic growth rates. The combination of a number of factors, such as the existence of a young population with great potential for development (70% are under 30 years of age), a Petroleum Fund (Sovereign Fund) and the maturity already revealed by the Government and its Institutions, as well as the reforms underway, provide a strong potential for initiating a renewed development cycle.

Natural Resources & Energy

On the strength of its oil-wealth, Timor-Leste economy has achieved real growth between 8-12% per year for the last several years, among the highest sustained growth rates in the world. For more than a decade now, a Petroleum Fund has served as a repository for all petroleum revenues and preserved the value of Timor-Leste's petroleum wealth for future generations. 

Tourism & Constructions

Government spending increased markedly in the past years, primarily on basic infrastructure, including electricity and roads. Limited experience in procurement and infrastructure building has hampered these projects. The underlying economic policy challenge the country faces remains on how best to use oil-and-gas wealth to lift the non-oil economy onto a higher growth path.


The agriculture sector in Timor-Leste generates an average of 90% of the exports, mainly due to coffee. Timor has given unique contributions to the world´s agriculture, beeing recognized as the home of "Timor Hybrid", a coffee variety which combines resistance to the rust disease Hemileia vastatrix, and produces a coffee with quality almost as good as the Arabica.

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